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Tour The Hospital

We are very proud of our new building and we thank everyone who contributed to our growth to help make this happen.

Receptionist Area

Our lobby is large and airy. We have 2 areas of seating for your comfort and a cute kids area with toys and books. Our friendly knowledgeable receptionists are available to help you when you call or come in.

Exam Rooms

We have 8 large private, comfortable exam rooms for you and your pets. Our exam tables fold away for large dogs so there is more room.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room is fully equipped and stocked with the medical supplies and equipment for our staff to treat and care for your pet.


We take radiographs in our x-ray room to help diagnose broken bones, look for foreign objects, and internal abnormalities.


Our dental area is equipped with an ultrasonic unit that the technician uses to clean your pets teeth. After the teeth have been cleaned, any extractions needed are performed by the doctor, then the technician polishes the teeth. We also have a special dental x-ray unit to take radiographs of the teeth, roots, and jaw bones.

Hospital Wards

We have 5 separate wards for our patients. Our cat patients enjoy the quiet area just for cats, while our dogs are kept comfortable in areas depending on their size and why they are here. We have an ICU ward in the treatment area for those patients who need close observation, an isolation ward for patients who may be contagious, large runs for our big patients, and a dog ward.

Surgery Room

Our surgery suite is equipped with many monitoring devices to keep your pet safe during surgery. Along with the technician in surgery monitoring your pet''s vitals we also have a respiratory, and cardiac monitor


Our pharmacy is stocked with most of the medication our doctors would prescribe for your pet. This saves you a trip to the drug store.


Our in-house laboratory has analyzers that are the veterinary industry standard for in clinic testing. We get fast, accurate results to help diagnose your pet''s medical condition. We also send more complete panels to Idexx; our local veterinary laboratory.

Special Services

We offer special services from mobile veterinarians that visit our hospital to see our patients. Dr Green comes to our location to perform ultrasounds and endoscopies, and Dr Moody comes in to do special soft tissue and bone surgeries.